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The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.  A short vacation, a winding drive up the mountains, my home for four days.  The Highlands weren't as cool or as tranquil as I had wished for, nor as serene and calm as it had been advertised - the air was warm, the streets were noisy, buildings and roads were horribly neglected, and drivers drove like they were rushing for a funeral.  But here, at the Lakehouse, I found quiet refuge, warm people, and a very beautiful woman beside me.

On the morrow, I would return to a clean, safe, and ungracious society.  I wish I didn’t have to.

(I started this painting at 6pm, and dusk was setting in quickly.  Halfway through, I couldn’t tell the colours apart, and by 7, I was painting blind.  I only found out what the painting actually looked like when I brought it back to the room.  Considering the circumstances, this was quite a miracle.)


25x38cm, Oil on canvas, stretched, varnished, and ready to hang on your wall.