I’ve been photographing the human form for many years. Individuals and couples would asked to be portrayed, usually with some ideas - a series of poses, some exotic outfits, a beautiful location, or “something different” like milk bath or body paint.

I always accept such ideas because they are refreshing and often lead to something unexpected. However, what truly inspires me is what happens outside these ideas - what happens in between the poses, what happens away from that nice backdrop, what happens without that social media smile. A real person in her most natural state, not posing, not faking, not trying to "do" something. Such moments of beauty only happens when we spend enough time to feel for someone, and these feelings linger long after the person is gone.

The paintings here are a reflection of these feelings - the way a person moves, the natural curves of the human body, the softness of translucent skin, the scent of human warmth.