Nature's Golden Hue

Nature's Golden Hue

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71x95cm, oil on canvas

It doesn’t always happen.

In the place where I live, the forests are coloured a deep, dull green, in part owing to the flora’s natural colour, but largely due to the oft-cloudy sky. Deep in the rainforest, light barely passes through, and even on brighter days when the sky found gaps in the canopy, light is often soft, muted, and cold.

Today was exceptional. A clear day, a cloudless sky, a golden sun greeting the early morning mist. Among the trees, what were once myriad, stingy pockets of light seem to merge into a soft, golden mass, joined by a thousand leaves swimming and dancing in the glow.

I had so far been painting rather thickly - “impasto”-style. Inspired by the light, I abandoned thick paint, and brushed layers and layers of transparent hue.